The green valley public school opened in 2009 with classes extending from I to III. We are secular, co-educational school. GVPS is a name synonymous with quality education. A spacious colourful school with scientifically planned curriculum and computers brought in a new way of bringing up children from then on. GVPS become the trendsetter for school education.
This website aims to answer the questions you may have about how our school is organized and to help you understand more about us. As a school , we look forward to sharing this period of your child’s life with you.

Every efforts is made to provide a full and interesting curriculum; to prepare your child for future education; give them skills and enthusiasm to pursue learning for the rest of their lives.

Green valley public school aims to provide quality teaching and learning for all its students, delivering a curriculum for the development of a child who first the 21st century.

Our mission is to nurture young minds in a culturally sound environment and provide opportunities that will help them realize their true potential.

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